Spring spirit

Monday, April 13, 2015 5:24:38 PM Asia/Jerusalem

                                                                               Posted on April 2015


Creating a new collection feels like the spirit of the sprint.

The feeling of renewal, the smell of the  flower and the warm sun after the cold winter....


My inspiration for spring was to create golden collection with touch of natural stone and elements.

You can find in the collection use of Turquoise, Moonstone, Lavradorite, Amatis  and more natural stone, and a new elements like snakes and flowers layering in necklace, bracelets, earrings and ankles.


So, after a few month of work, the vision came to life, the spring collection was ready, and shooting time was set!


This time i decided to shoot not on me but on a beautiful girl Noy Davidson Gordon, who is one of my customer that I get to know when she tagged me on her instagram picture wearing my necklace, and made me feel in love with her!

Together with a dream team of: Jun shore(photographer), Michelle edri(Make up Artist), Guy shmuel(Hair style)  we shoot the amazing spring collection.


Hope you love the result as much as I do!
























































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Posted By Livnat Kopit

Five weeks of fantasy!

Monday, December 29, 2014 11:04:57 PM Asia/Jerusalem

                                                                            Posted on November 14


I don't know why, but America is always my first choice for vacation.

I always fell like this is the place that have no limit, and you have everything there, warm and cold weather, view, night life, family life, good food (not as good as in Israel:-)) but, best pancakes, best steak, friendly people, fashion, and as they say - It’s the place where dream can come to reality...


So, I guess you can now understand why I decided to take my family for 5 weeks and to explore this dream place.


                                                                           First stop -  Miami



                                                                       Good morning                                        





                                                                             Carribean time



                                                                           Hello Haven



                                                                            Nature look


                                     With my girls on the street of Jamaica


                                                   Golden sand




                                                                       On the way to the next adventure






                                                                                    Hello L.A



                                                                                 Venic ride




                                                               Shopping day







                                                                                 Fun time....







                                                       Soho House west Hollywood - What a night 





                                            Hello Vegas - Let's make some money


                                                                  Night Look 




                                                                               Party time



                                                                           Hober dam - Simply A M A Z I N G



                                                                                          Last stop....

                                                                  Hello to the best City in the world - N.Y!!!!



                                                                        My sex in the city look 




                                                                      Drink time at Barneys




                                                                                                 Family time








                                                                  == Bay Bay USA - we had the best time ever!!! ==

Posted By Livnat Kopit