Posted on April 2015


Creating a new collection feels like the spirit of the sprint.

The feeling of renewal, the smell of the  flower and the warm sun after the cold winter....


My inspiration for spring was to create golden collection with touch of natural stone and elements.

You can find in the collection use of Turquoise, Moonstone, Lavradorite, Amatis  and more natural stone, and a new elements like snakes and flowers layering in necklace, bracelets, earrings and ankles.


So, after a few month of work, the vision came to life, the spring collection was ready, and shooting time was set!


This time i decided to shoot not on me but on a beautiful girl Noy Davidson Gordon who is one of my customer that I get to know when she tagged me on her instagram picture wearing my necklace, and made me feel in love with her!

Together with a dream team of: Jun shore(photographer), Michelle edri(Make up Artist), Guy shmuel(Hair style)  we shoot the amazing spring collection.


Hope you love the result as much as I do!