LA LUNA's Brand designer, LIVNAT KOPIT, says that LA LUNA was born out of a love and passion for style.

LA LUNA is named after my grandmother who would never step out "unjeweled". While growing up, fashion and jewelry were an integral part of my personal expression. I remember from an early age, reading fashion magazines and soaking up the fashion world. I was fascinated by it and wanted to internalize it, dress for it and to "preen" accordingly.


For the last 17 years, while enjoying a successful career in the High-Tech Industry, I felt my inner creativity was trapped and was desperate to be released. So naturally and with love, I began to design a couple of pieces for myself. The response from family, friends and even strangers was so positive and encouraging, it gave me a deep sense of satisfaction and completion. More importantly, I found a way of connecting my two diverse worlds - the world of management and the world of creation.


My collections are a combination Orientalism and Trends. A fusion that inspires me - linking the old and the new.

All my designs are made firstly for myself.  I would never design anything that I personally wouldn't wear.

I love jewelry, I have a few pieces that are constant and love mixing and matching them to other pieces. Experimenting with layers, solo looks or combinations.

I know there are many woman like me who love jewelry and love to experiment with different looks and styles while still enjoying affordable prices.

My collection is available in the highest quality semi-precious metals(gold-filled, sterling silver and 14K gold plated) so my customers can enjoy wearing fine quality jewelry.

All pieces in my collection also can be made from 14K gold and diamonds.


Today, La Luna is a specialized brand which combines great love for creativity and fashion, with high-tech career management. La Luna is alive, with unique and intimate collections and enjoying a worldwide client.