Materials Used

Sterling Silver 925

Gold Vermeil – Vermeil is a material with a sterling silver base plated with layers of 14kt gold

14K Solid Gold (18K gold by request)

Diamonds (Available only with 14K Solid Gold)


Natural stones

All LA LUNA jewelry are made of Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil. No Nickel is used in the plating.

Production lead time for All personalized items and 14K Solid Gold items require 21 Business Days processing, before they ship.
Other pieces will ship between 3-10 Business Days.
*Please Note that Rings are usually made by size – Production time up to 21 Business Days.

Once they ship, they should arrive in 2-8 business days in Israel and 10-14 business days outside Israel.

If you intend the purchase as a gift, and will not receive it in time, please email
and we will provide you with a gift notification card for the recipient-informing them that a LA LUNA Personalized Gift is on its way.     Please see rush options for information regarding rush delivery.


Please follow the instructions below to properly care for your LA LUNA jewelry so that it retains its shine and color. If at any point you would like to have your LA LUNA jewelry professionally cleaned and polished, you are welcome to send it back to us for a complimentary service. If you purchase the jewelry less than one year ago you will not be charged . If you purchased the jewelry more than a year ago, you will be charge for 70 NIS for each item.

Our one year guarantee only applay for change color, and stone. No repairs for breaking.
Repairs that needs welding will be charged for 30NIS for each item.

Please email or WhatsApp us at 053-4321495 to receive an authorization number prior to shipping it. Jewelry sent without an authorization number cannot be processed.


How do I care for my LA LUNA Jewelry?

Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil by their very nature will tarnish over time.
The best way to prevent excess tarnish is by caring for your silver and plated jewelry properly.
Here are more tips to take care of your jewelry:

1.Feel free to shower with LA LUNA jewelery- Water and soap are just fine

2. Try to avoid wear your jewelry while swimming ,applying perfume or lotions.

3. Keep your jewels in an apropriate case such as our Travel Case.

4. Sterling Silver may darken over time but you can easily polish your pieces back to new. Use a soft cloth on your jewelry to achieve that           mirror finish.